Technical information

Drivers minimum height:136 cm
Sprocket:Sugino 165 mm
Front fork:Hi-Ten
Front/rear brake:Hand brakes (V-brake)
Front hub/ rear hub:Shimano hub dynamo/ Shimano 3 speed
Centre bearing:Panasonic 07
Tire size:24
Frame height:45 cm AL
Speeds/gear ratio:Shimano
Rims/tires:ZAC 2000/47-507

jopo electro 3-speed

The handiest and most enjoyable electric bike of all times is here! The jopo family is being electrified; jopo electro is an electrically-assisted bicycle for each and every member of the family. The relaxed riding position á la jopo and the firmly accelerating motor from Panasonic guarantee the riding experience of the decade.

Color options

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