Suunniteltu hauskanpitoonDesigned for fun, the jopo is the ideal bike for any and every rider. Today, jopo is Finland’s highest selling bicycle, and its popularity increases year after year. There are many reasons, but one key aspect is its relaxed and adjustable design that gets everyone smiling.


made_in_finlandJopos are manufactured in Finland at Helkama’s Hanko facility. The backbone of this largely handcrafted bicycle is its welded steel frame, which can handle heavy use. The functionality and stylish appearance of the jopo is ensured by its detailed finishing touches.

SINCE 1965

jopon_runkoHelkama introduced the jopo to the market IN 1965. The relaxed structure of the bike quickly made it popular among the Finnish population. Today, it is recognised throughout the Nordic countries and many Central European countries as the unique Finnish bike.


jopon_runkoIf you had to describe the jopo in one word, it would be colourful. The original palette of colours has gradually expanded, as every year we add new jopo colours. The cheerful appearance is created using powder coating technology, which is both durable and environmentally-friendly.


jopon_runkoThe jopo is well-suited to both young and old, men and women. The 24-inch basic jopo has been joined by various other models, and jopo is now the most popular bike within the Nordic countries, with sales of over 350,000 bicycles!

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